Lectures & Sermons



“The Gospel for those Broken by the Church” by Rod Rosenbladt

“Relationships in the Bible” by Steven Paulson (via The Mockingbird)

Part 1

Part 2

Q & A

“Lutheran Identity in America” (part 1) by Peter L. Berger (via Concordia Saint Louis)

**Part 1**

**Part 2**

“The Frenzy for Ecclesiology” by Steven Paulson

“On Christian Freedom” by Steven Paulson

Steven Paulson on Christian Freedom

“Vocation, Anthropology & Sexuality” by Steven Paulson


Luther On the Bondage of the Will by James Arne Nestingen (see below for video–via the CTS Blog)   A Conversation on the Bondage of the Will

Lectures on Revelation by Craig Koester

Introduction: AD 100-1530  introduction

Introduction: Futuristic Views   introduction

Introduction: Lectionary & Historical Context   introduction

Revelation 1   rev1

Revelation 2-3  rev2

Revelation 2-3 & 4   rev4

Revelation 5-7   rev5

Revelation 8-10   rev8

Revelation 11   rev11

Revelation 12   rev12

Revelation 13   rev13

Revelation 13 (continued)   rev13c

Revelation 17   rev17

Revelation 18   rev18

Revelation 19   rev19

Revelation 20   rev20

Revelation 21   rev21

Revelation 22   rev22


Roy A. Harrisville

Sermon 1   Sermon 1

Sermon 2   Sermon 2

Sermon 3   Sermon 3

Sermon 4   Sermon 4

Sermon 5   Sermon 5

Sermon 6   Sermon 6

Sermon 7   Sermon 7

Steven D. Paulson

“Being in the Winepress”   the winepress

“Paul, Apostle.”   paul_apostle

“Neither Circumcision nor Uncircumcision”   nothing_something

“The Real Miracle at Cana”   paulson_cana

“The Grabber”   paulson_5

Robert Kolb

“Baptism Catechesis”   baptism_catechesis

“Jeremiah 1:4-10”   kolb_jeremiah

Charles Arand

“Thy Will Be Done”   thy will be done



The Changing Geographical Center of Christianity with Douglas Rutt

On the Doctrine of Vocation with John T. Pless

Luther On the Bondage of the Will with James Arne Nestingen (via the CTS Blog)

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“Justification” by Joel D. Biermann of CSL

[flashvideo file=audio/Justification.mov /]